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Dr. Kate Hendricks received her medical degree in 1983 from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois. As a James Scholar she performed research while attending medical school. During her senior year in medical school, Dr. Hendricks received the University of Illinois College of Medicine Research Award. She was also awarded a MAP-Reader's Digest Fellowship scholarship to work in a Thai mission hospital. After completing a rotating internship, she was named Intern of the Year. Dr. Hendricks then moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where she studied tropical medicine at Tulane University. Upon finishing her classroom studies, she volunteered at a mission hospital in Zimbabwe. From mid-1987 through mid-1989, she was an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While deployed to Mississippi, she solved an epidemiologic riddle to discover the homicidal intent behind a series of arsenic poisonings.

From 1989 through 2002, Dr. Hendricks worked at the Texas Department of Health. While there she
  • supervised the group that addressed acute disease outbreaks that were
    • foodborne
    • waterborne
    • insect-borne
    • airborne
    • related to healthcare settings (nosocomial)
  • edited the biweekly morbidity report
  • started and managed the geographic information system program
  • started and managed the continuing medical education program
  • started and managed the neural tube defect (NTD) project
She has more than 50 scientific publications. Half of these are about infectious diseases, and half are about neural tube defects.

From 2003 through mid- 2008 Dr. Hendricks worked at a medical nonprofit organization in Austin, Texas. That organization is devoted to decreasing nonmarital pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Dr. Hendricks is particularly interested in ways to deliver simple prevention messages to the public. To this end, while she worked at the non-profit institution, Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Daniel Goldman created the STD Wizard (www.stdwizard.org). This on-line assessment tool helps members of the public self-determine their risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. Hendricks is the Owner of HealthKAP Consulting. Her best friend, Dr. Jerry Ward, has served as a volunteer editor for this site. Dr. Hendricks and her husband live on 2 ½ acres, 20 miles north of Austin, Texas surrounded by local "varmints."

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